Freelance Work:

FACE Magazine Freelance Piece:

Audience – magazine readers in outdoor exercise; published in June/July issue

FACE article




008 Magazine Freelance Pieces:

Audience – article readers and car enthusiasts; published in June/July issue to inform readers of featured cars

008 article

The Reveille Newspaper Piece

Audience – LSU students and faculty; to inform campus of the opening of the Career Discovery Residential College

Reveille Newspaper Piece

The Louisiana Marathon Blog Piece

Audience – blog readers and those interested in the race; published online to inform readers of the race-day events and performances

The Louisiana Marathon Blog Piece

The Odyssey Newspaper Pieces:

You are Not a Number

Audience – young adult readers of The Odyssey; written to inform readers of self-worth

The Odyssey Nespaper Piece

Lafayette Strong

Audience: readers that identify with the Lafayette shooting in the summer of 2015. Written to inform readers of the upsetting events


Internship Work:

The Smile Spa blog post:

Audience – The Smile Spa blog readers; purpose was to inform readers of National World Oral Heath Day


 Potenza Creative Blog Post Ch. 7:

Audience – blog readers and Potenza Creative employees; purpose was to write a piece to accompany Chapter 7 of the CEO’s book, The Power of Why

potenza blog


Feature Release

Audience – The Reveille Newspaper and LSU students and faculty; intended to inform campus about student loans

Feature Release

Op-Ed Piece, LSU’s New Grading System

Audience – LSU faculty and students; intended to give an informative opinion on LSU’s new grading system

Op-Ed Piece, LSU's New Grading System

LOPA news release

Audience – LSU student body, faculty, and staff; made as a practice news release for class
LOPA news release



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